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    Looking for a Best Recruitment Consultant?

    Executive Search Process

    1 Understand and Establish Search Criteria

    • Carefully analyse the issues faced by the company and the role.
    • Determine the experience, skills and knowledge needed for the role given the company situation, culture and the relevant department requirements.
    • Understand and develop the role and responsibilities of the position.
    • Determine the candidate’s competencies and skills required for the successful recruitment of the role.

    2 Set Up Appropriate Search Strategy

    • Conduct specific research into companies and industries to find those with relevant skills and qualifications across industries and functions.
    • Develop a list of potential candidates most suitable for the role.

    3 Search and Assess Candidates

    • Actively approach potential candidates to determine their interest level in the role.
    • Conduct rigorous interviews with candidates based on the skills, experience and knowledge required for the role.
    • Develop a shortlist of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position.

    4 Present Most Suitable Candidates –

    • Present the most qualified candidates based on in-depth analysis and understanding of the candidates against the job requirements.
    • Perform personality assessment using appropriate market test to determine the suitability of the candidates.

    5 Candidate and Client Follow Up

    • Conduct thorough background and reference checks after the final determination of the candidate.
    • Assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help to close the search.
    • Communicate regularly with client and placement during transition.
    • Regularly seek the feedback of the client to improve service and search process.
    • Follow up occasionally with the candidate once search is closed, checking to see if the candidate is coping well in the company.